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My story part 1: learning to workout

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

I was 20 years old before I saw the inside of a gym. Up to that point my exercise regimen was non-existent and my nutrition was whatever my mom or the cafeteria fed me. Not that I did not enjoy movement in fact playing capture the flag, hiking, bike riding, and horse back riding were all hobbies of mine. I just had zero knowledge about nutrition or exercise. When I started college I chose to study animal science because I like animals best of all. As a horse crazy girl I started riding when I was 11 and continued to ride through college. Two years into my bachelors degree I made the life changing decision to transfer to West Texas A&M University (WTAMU). The purpose of the transfer was to join the WTAMU equestrian team and their fantastic coach. The team was a part of student athletics and as such we were treated like athletes. One requirement of the team was to train with our strength and conditioning coach. Thus I found myself in a gym for the very first time. New and intimidating is the best way to describe the experience. However, I quickly discovered one thing... it worked! I became a better and stronger rider. A better rider because of our head coach a stronger rider because of our strength and conditioning coach. That is when I discovered that working out was an amazing way to improve my strength and my performance! (I know this is obvious to most people, it just took me a while to figure that out).

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