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Where to start?

So you have decided to go to the gym and start working out! YAY! That's so awesome! Now what? Once you go to the gym what do you do? What exercises? What machines? Let's talk about that.

First off anything is better than nothing. Pick a machine and get started! For now that is success! You can refine and improve with time. For the beginner a great way to start an exercise habit is pick a piece of cardio equipment that yo

u are comfortable using and start there. Things like a treadmill, bike, elliptical, rowing machine. Those are a fantastic place to start your workout! While you are there you can start thinking about what you want to do next. 5 minutes on the cardio machine is a great gentle warm up or you can spend 30 minutes and call it cardio training. Either way is a great start!

Besides cardio you are going to want to include some strength training. (I can explain the why in a later blog post) Both the upper and lower body need trained here. Find a machine that trains the upper body. This will be either an upper body push or an upper body pull. Meaning you are either pushing against the machine or pulling the machine towards your body.

Same goes with the lower body machines you can either be pushing with your legs or pulling with your legs. Essentially you are looking for four machines: a push and a pull for both the upper and lower body.

The follow up question is how many should I do? Start with 2 sets of 10 reps with a 30 second rest in between your sets.

After your cardio and strength work go stretch.

And that really is how you start working out a gym. The details and progressions can be worked out as you show up. You get bonus points and extra progress if you record your workout. Write down what exercises you did, the weight you used, and how many sets and reps. Cardio can be recorded as time and speed or intensity level.

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