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Nourish to Flourish

If you are at war with your body you both will lose. Here are a few mindset shifts to help you take care of your body so your body can help take care of you.

Remember weight loss is complicated. Learning nutrition and fitness takes time and patience. When you begin your weight loss journey, or just want to start eating and moving better, you are starting a long journey and the more kindness and grace you can show to yourself the better.

Things you can stop right now and still eat well:

  • Stop labeling certain foods as bad! ALL FOOD IS FUEL!

    • There is an appropriate time and place for every type of food.

  • Stop passing nutrition and fitness off as something that is not for you.

    • Truth is you are already engaging in some level of both fitness and nutrition. If you have a body then fitness and nutrition are for you

  • Stop thinking your body sets your limits

    • Actually your body is so amazing I can't even begin to say how AMAZING your body is in this one blog post

  • Quit treating your body like the enemy

    • Your body is valuable and adaptable and working together with your body is a beautiful thing!

  • Stop inflicting pain thinking you are caring for your body

    • Your body need nourishment not punishment! You don't have to hurt to see progress! Pushing hard after your body is ready for the work load is one thing. Inflicting pain thinking you are doing some thing health is not helpful.

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