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Trouble catching good sleep?

Sleep can be elusive at times. Sometime frustratingly far from us when we need it the most. While there are many causes and contributing factors involved in sleepless nights, the good news is there are things you can do to help your body transition into a good nights sleep. While unfortunately, none of these tips offer an immediate solution to your sleepless night they can all help you out in the long term! Building good sleep hygiene takes time (just like a lot of the other really great things in this life).

Sleep hygiene practices to help you sleep better!

  • Stick to a scheduled bed time.

    • A regular bedtime will help strengthen your circadian rhythm

  • Follow a wind-down routine

    • build and repeating the same habits every night will help tell your brain it is time to sleep

  • Practice meditation or other forms of purposeful relaxation

    • part of sleep is slowing down (the heart, the breath, the mind)

  • Use darkness and light to your advantage

    • bright light when it is up and go time

    • darkness or dim lights when it is slow down and sleep time

  • Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day

    • For real! Your body is made to move!

  • shut down all electronics 30 minutes before bed(phone, tv, games)

  • Eat A LITTLE BIT of protein and/or fat 1-2 hours before bed.

  • Eliminate big meals, carbs, and sugars 3 hours before bedtime.

  • Stop consuming caffeine 6 hours prior to bedtime

  • Aim for 8 hours of sleep per night

Good luck and sleep well!

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