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Why did I make Anna’s Fitness Page? To meet you where you are right now. To help you discover the delight of simple, easy, and customizable nutrition and fitness. By practicing daily habits and building practical skills you too can find good nutrition in your life. Nutrition education is vital to learning how to create sustainable nutrition. My course will help you learn how YOU can fuel YOUR life and body well! So you can perform well and feel great! Nutrition can be easy and simple and you CAN eat well, look good, and feel great!

Mission, goals, and credentials

My mission is to help you develop skills that will enable you to eat well and move well! Moving and eating well should be simple, easy, and sustainable for everyone. 

My goal is to help you incorporate good nutrition and regular movement in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Anna is a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach and a NASM certified personal trainer with a Master's degree in Exercise and Health Science.

She is also a certified yoga instructor.

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Learn how to eat well, without counting calories!

The fundamentals of nutrition should be simple and applicable to all walks of life.

Come explore methods of eating that are simple, easy, and healthy!


The foundations of good nutrition begins with building sustainable habits that you can take with you anywhere.


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You can take control of your eating habits and build healthy and sustainable eating habits that honors your body and helps you reach your nutrition goals.


I'm Precision Nutrition level 1 certified and would love to share with you my favorite methods of eating well!

Everything you need to know about this course before you sign up

I believe nutrition should and can be easy, intuitive, and simple. Everyone should be educated and equipped to eat and move well. However, this type of education is often replaced with rules, diets, and complicated eating strategies. The purpose of this course is to make good nutrition attainable for you! The course that I offer will take you back to the basics, build a solid foundation, and educate you about how to eat well! You CAN eat well today and every day!


As a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, I’ve been trained by the best of the best. Their team of experts includes the top Ph.D.s, nutritionists, counselors, researchers, and specialists in the world. The evidence-based approach they teach has been proven to work with over 100,000 people, so you can rest assured that the coaching you’ll receive is backed by science and has been proven to work in the real world with real people. As your coach, my number one goal is to help you reach YOUR goals. I know how frustrating it is to be promised short-term results, only to be continually let down. I hate seeing people experience that and I refuse to offer short-term solutions. Only take my course if you are willing to spend an entire year learning and practicing what you learn. Know that I’m dedicated to helping you finally get the sustainable results you want—and deserve.

The first thing you should know is this course is 100% online. I use a software from Precision Nutrition called Procoach. All the lessons are accessible from any computer via a web browser. If you like using your smart phone there is also an app you can download and use to access the course as well. I’ll help you learn how to eat better in a way that fits YOUR goals and YOUR lifestyle. That means you don’t have to count exact calories or points or anything like that. And there won’t be a list of foods you can’t eat. Instead, I use a science-based approach that teaches you how to look at food differently, listen to your body, and build lifestyle habits that put YOU in control of your health. We’ll focus on changing one thing at a time by breaking your big goals down into highly strategic, doable daily actions. Over time, all these skills will become habits that result in incredible, life-changing results. You’ll have a clear, step-by-step program that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. This program is super easy at the beginning and builds gradually to include more advanced skill. The course is fantastic and breaks every skill down into very manageable actions. You will also learn how to build your own actions from your goals. And I will always be there to help you along the way.


Once you’ve decided to join my coaching program, I’ll send you an invitation via email to create an account on ProCoach— we’ll use this software to set goals, provide progress updates, and access your custom nutrition program. You’ll also be able to easily connect with me through this online platform via instant messaging. The program is super easy to use and keeps all of your information in one place—which is beneficial for both of us.


Once we’ve taken care of those logistics. We’ll break your big goals down into small, doable daily actions. Your job is simply to login into your online account (or open the app on your phone) each day to see what skill we’re focusing on at that time, and provide a quick “daily check in” to let me know how it’s going.

From there, we take it one day—and one small step—at a time, adjusting as needed to build the habits you need to reach your goals and achieve a life-changing transformation.

I look forward to helping you learn nutrition in a refreshing way!


                                                                                                               - Anna

Are you ready to discover how simple good nutrition can be?

A step by step system to eating well!

Online course with daily actions and lessons! 

Transform your body and eating habits!

Easy rewarding lessons for a lifetime of eating!

Take the course and start your one year nutrition transformation today!

Need to get a hold of me directly?

Feel free to email or text me.


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