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Nutrition Courses

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These courses are designed to help you learn nutrition related skills and build practices that will help you to eat well! Custom built to fit you and your lifestyle! No calorie counting required! No banned foods! This is a habit based course that will ask you to practice practical skills and nutrition related habits. As you learn good nutritional habits you will feel better, move better, look better, and have more energy. Workouts are included in these courses at no extra charge. So that YOU can get stronger and leaner too. This course is designed for the person new to health and fitness. Together we can build a method for you to eat well and move well, in a way that fits your life! Transform your life to become a better version of your best you!

Premium Level Nutrition and Fitness Course

I chose Precision Nutrition to get my cert from and use as the platform for this course because I firmly believe their proven, scientific based, user friendly, program will change your life for the better!

50 week long course to transform your eating and movement habits! Learn to eat and move well! Daily actions and lessons!



Free stuff!


We all love some good, free content! So here it is! Thank you for visiting my website! I hope you find this content useful. I know I did. 

Have treadmill? Can walk? Here is an easy and simple treadmill challenge

How to build the perfect meal.

Ever wonder how to assemble a good meal? This info-graph from Precision Nutrition details how to build a meal that will help you reach your goals!

Do you want to get lean? Really?

What does it cost to be lean. What does it take to get there?

This info graph from Precision Nutrition explains the how to of getting and staying lean.

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