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The power of 5 minutes

One of the strategies I use with my coaching clients is the 5 minute action. This can be a great tool for everyone! A very common excuse is I don't have enough time. Given the business of life and the crazy schedules we often keep the idea of getting in shape or eating right can seem overwhelming. If that is where you are let me encourage you to harness the power of 5 minutes. Even the most busy of people can find 5 minutes of time to squeeze in a positive action. The great news is that something as small as a 5 minute action can have a large impact on our health and well being. Whatever your goal is try and break it down into small 5 minute sized tasks. Simple and easy things that you can get done no matter how busy you are. Maybe it is drinking an extra glass of water, or focusing on your breathing, or being thankful, or doing a few squats, or getting some sun shine. Pick whatever you would like then spend 5 minutes in a positive way. If you do that everyday you will be five minutes closer to your goal and 5 minutes better than you were yesterday.

Take care of yourself even if it is just for 5 minutes,


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