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How to build a fitness journal and why

In previous posts I have mentioned the importance of recording your workouts. Let's discuss how and why of these records more thoroughly.

  1. Use what ever media works best for you. You can use your phone, your computer , the internet, a calendar, a binder, an app, a notebook, or a journal. Really though, whatever you find to be easy to use on a regular basis use that. The tool you use isn't important . Just be sure to keep all your workouts recorded in the same place in chronological order

  2. These records should include at a minimum the date, the exercise, and the duration. Bonus points for more detailed records. Some of what is recorded will depend on the type of your workout. Things like sets, reps, weight, speed, heart rate, distance traveled, intensity, and rest time all become more important as you progress in your workouts.

  3. Why do I have to write all this down every time? Because it is worth it! That's the short answer anyways. The journal is how you see your progress and evaluate your workouts! I'll give you two examples here: First is our 150 minutes per week goal. If you record your workouts every time, at the end of the week you can look at your journal and either congratulate yourself on goal accomplished or you can get one last workout in to finish out your week. You will also know when your 6 weeks are up and you can move on to the next step. Second if I'm lifting weights I can refer back to my journal to see how much weight and how many reps I did on my last session. This helps me to know what the appropriate amount to lift today is.

Overall, records help you stay on track and get maximum results from your workouts. Feel free to be as creative or as simple as you want to be here. Fitness journals come in all shapes and sizes but they all tell a story. Hopefully a story of strength gained, plateaus overcome, and good habits built.

Have fun,

- Anna

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