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What are sets and reps?

Sets and reps two terms you will start hearing a lot once you start learning about fitness. What exactly are sets and reps? Sets and reps are the main way that people in the fitness world track their work load. This is almost always written as sets x reps. For example 4 sets of 8 reps would be written as 4 x 8.

A set is the way we break down our workouts and allow ourselves some rest between our work. For example if I wanted to do 3 sets of 20 meter sprints I would sprint for 20 meters then rest, sprint for 20 meters then rest, and sprint 20 meters. This would be 3 sets of sprints.

Reps is short for repetitions. If we are doing an exercise that we measure using reps instead of distance we can account for the number reps we perform. An example would be jumping jacks. Let's say I can do 10 jumping jacks before I have to stop for a break. That would be 1 set of 10 jumping jacks. This would be written 1 x 10. Now if I caught my breath then did another set of 10 jumping jacks this would be 2 x 10. Read as 2 sets of 10.

I hope this has clarified what a set and rep is,


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