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The most important part of nutrition

Nutrition is another one of those overwhelming topics. Just to make matters worse nutrition can also be an emotionally charged topic. Try talking to a vegetarian or a paleo fan. Better yet introduce the two and the debate will ensue. There are many more extreme and/or fad diets that quite frankly make nutrition that much more confusing. Is eating meat bad? Or is gluten worse? Does buying that expense supplement really going to change my life? These are all questions that surround the topic of nutrition. In order to help clarify and untangle the mysteries surrounding nutrition I'm going to start with the basics. Mostly because that is where I'm going to start all my topics at. I'm also starting with the basics because that so happens to be the most important part of nutrition.

Practice, master, and make a habit of the fundamentals. That's the secret to good nutrition. Building good nutrition and eating well are habits, not flashy crash diets or crazy fads. There is nothing healthy about completely excluding an entire food group either. I've often heard it said "everything in moderation" while I don't completely agree with this saying (somethings should be avoided entirely), it applies well to food groups.

Start by simply observing your habits. What works well for you and what doesn't. Pick an easy basic skill to start mastering. Things such as minimizing junk food, eating enough vegetable, and tracking your caloric intake are all great places to start. Build the foundation of good nutritional habits.

As always start small and we will discuss more as you build good habits and take a step of progress.


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