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The first steps of long lasting change

Today, we are going to look at the foundations of change. This can apply to your nutritional habits, your fitness regimen, or your mobility progression. Boiled down into the most simple form I can the formula is action begets results. It really is that simple , the actions you consistently and regularly do is where your results come from. And thus is the power of the habit. If you regularly and consistently eat poorly and act lazy then the result you get won't be the result you want. However, if you start with the result you want and work backwards to find the habits you want to build you can craft your own results. Let's look at three examples of finding habits you can craft.

1) The person who is strong

What kind of habits does a strong person have? Lifting regularly, working hard, building strength by lifting heavy stuff often. What is a simple and repeatable action you can take today to build strength? Everyone will have their own answer here and that is great! Maybe it is doing pushups 5 days out of the week or maybe it is going to the gym 3 times a week. Be creative come up with your own solution.

2) The person who eats well might meal prep, go grocery shopping every week, or eats veggies and protein every day. What about you what small change could you build into a habit that would make your nutrition a little bit better? Pick an action and practice it.

3) The flexible person with good mobility? Does warming up before a run and stretching afterwards help? Absolutely!

What is common among these three imaginary people? They make the time and take action. Find a way to make time and take action. Even a small step of practicing a good habit for a few minutes out of the day will help!


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