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The best diet? Or just a fad?

One of the biggest questions of weight loss is which diet is the best diet. And trust me that is a complicated question. I can't even count how many different "best" diets there are out there. I've seen the low fat diet, the high fat, the low-carb diet, the no glucose diet, the vegan diet, the vegetarian diet, the paleo diet, and the Mediterranean diet, and the meat only diet. There was even a guy who lost weight eating only Twinkies. To make things even more complicated there are people who successfully use all of theses diets and will swear that they do amazing things and are the best diet ever. Don't be fooled! Some of these diets are polar opposites and just because they work for one person doesn't mean they will work for you or even that they are a healthy sustainable way to eat. The one thing that every successful weight loss program has in common is a caloric deficit. If a person is in a caloric deficit they will lose weight. That is why all these contradicting diets may or may not work. The best way to eat is in a balanced way that includes all the food groups in a healthy way. Weight loss is no different you still want a balanced way of eating only with a caloric deficit.

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