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Small things everyday

Fitness and nutrition are both long term investments. Yes, there are some immediate benefits for both. You will feel better when you eat good. Your body will feel good after a workout or stretch session. Even so, the biggest benefits of eating well and workout are seen after weeks, months, and even years of consistent practice. To see the best and most obvious results of nutrition and fitness such as strength gains, weight-loss, and health benefits you have to stick to the plan in the long term. This is why daily habits are so helpful. A little bit done everyday will go a long way to help you develop these long term results. You might not feel up to eating a perfect meal, or doing a hardcore workout today. THAT IS OKAY. Do something though! Even if it is small. Start building habits one small thing at a time. As you become more successful and begin building routines and strength you can make these habits more and bigger. Until then keep working. Remember the small things matter too!

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