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Pancake syrup alternatives

Sometimes simple substitute is all it takes to go from unhealthy to yummy. For example, there is nothing quite like turning a stack of pancakes sugary and sticky by pouring a bunch of maple syrup on top. However, downing a bunch of sugar first thing in the morning isn't the best way to start your day. Even so, giving up pancakes all together might seem a bit extreme and you might not be willing to take that step. If so that is okay! Personally I still eat pancakes every now and then. So let us explore some ideas to make pancakes a little bit better of a way to start the day.

Just this morning I had pancakes. This time I blended up some mangos and frozen blackberries to make a puree and spread that on top of a pancake. I added a splash of cream on top. With a side of eggs and greens breakfast became a little bit better.

Other ideas include making savory pancakes by topping with an over easy egg and some veggies. Or using yogurt and fresh berries on top. A side of meat or cottage cheese can add some welcome protein.

Don't be afraid to get creative and find new favorite things. Try things see what you like. It is okay to find things that work and things that aren't so great. Experiments and experiences can be your friends.

I'd love to hear some of your healthier substitutes.


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