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My top three ways to cook veggies

Eating vegetables is a big part of weight loss, healthy eating, and fueling your body well. However, eating a bunch of raw veggies everyday isn't everybody's favorite thing to do. One tool for turning vegetables into a tasty and enjoyable experience is cooking. The following methods of cooking vegetables are my go to methods and are by no means an exhaustive list. Feel free to get creative here.

  1. Steam

    1. Steaming vegetables makes my top three because of the simplicity and ease of this method.

    2. Fill a skillet full of veggies, add seasoning and a bit of water, cover with a lid, place on medium heat, and leave it alone until the veggies are cooked to your taste. (I like them when the veggies on the bottom start to brown and the veggies on the top are soft)

    3. Green beans, peas, and broccoli work well for steaming.

  2. Saute

    1. Sauteing (i looked it up this is the correct but looks totally wrong way of spelling this word)

    2. Sauteing is simple, easy, and works great with fresh vegetables especially when adding these veggies to other foods. Sauteing also is a great way to bring out delicious flavors of vegetables, oils, and spices.

    3. Place 1-2 tablespoons of oil into a skillet, place over low - medium/low heat, add in chopped or thinly sliced vegetables, stir frequently until cooked to your taste. (I like my veggies sauteed until almost translucent)

    4. Onions, peppers, and squash all taste great sauteed.

  3. Roasted

    1. Roasted is probably the tastiest of the three methods and also takes the longest.

    2. Preheat the oven to 425F, place vegetables on a baking sheet, drizzle with oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic, then place into the oven for approximately 20minutes or until cooked to your taste. (I like to roast my veggies until the edges start turning brown.

    3. Cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and asparagus are tasty when roasted.

Try it out, mix and match, and let me know what some of your favorite ways to cook vegetable are!

P.S. the microwave is also a totally legit way to cook veggies.

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2 comentarios

Brenda Huntsman
Brenda Huntsman
20 oct 2021

Some of my favorite roasted veggies are sweet potatoes, okra, red bell peppers and squash.

Me gusta
20 oct 2021
Contestando a

Those sound delicious! I have't roasted red bell peppers before. I'll have to try it, sounds tasty for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Me gusta
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