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My Story Part 3 Nutrition

Throughout my studies and as a personal trainer I learned a lot about nutrition. Carbs, fats, proteins, and water are all very important. Weight loss clients and athletes both focus on what they eat. Calorie counting and macro calculations are popular ways to track nutritional intake and control a person's diet. Unfortunately, weighing food and recording every bite was never something I enjoyed doing. As I spent more time in the gym and learned more about training I gathered more information about diets. Keto, calorie counting, intermittent fasting, if it fits your macros, juice cleanses, vegetarian, vegan, whole 30, all organic, and even meat only diets are all things that I became acquainted with. Problem was all of these diets was about what you couldn't eat. In my mind easy to fail diets are not fun or sustainable. I wanted a way to have success with my nutrition everyday! I wanted a way to enjoy treats. I wanted a simple way to eat well. Once I found Precision Nutrition I wondered if their program might be what I was looking for. I started following the basics of the Precision Nutrition Program and had great success! At the end of everyday I could say good job because I ate! I ate my protein, good job! I ate my veggies, good job! I ate my fruit, good job! I ate my fat, good job! I ate my carbs, good job! A few years later I finally got my Nutrition Certification with Precision Nutrition! I can still say that I like their system and am happy to share it with my clients.

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