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How long til I gain strength?

Hello, today I want to share with you the secret to building strength and fitness!

The concept is simple it is called progressive overload. This means gradually increasing the demands placed on your body to stimulate growth. This works in all areas of fitness! For example if you want to get better at running just run a little farther or a little faster every day. When lifting weights lift a little heavier every day. Basically what you must do to improve is challenge your body a little at a time as your body adapts to the training stimulus.

However, the only way this progressive overload principle works is if it is done gradually overtime. A ridiculous example would be if I lifted 10lbs today waited 6 weeks then lifted 20lbs and claimed I got stronger. Obviously, that's not how lifting works and I was already strong enough to lift that 20lbs before those 6 weeks had passed. But enough of the examples and lets talk some theory.

Strength is built slowly. 4-6 weeks is the amount of time required for the body to adapt to a training stimulus. That means if you want to build strength you must consistently train for at least 4 weeks before your body will begin to adapt. Now this isn't I have met my goals strong. This is I'm a little faster, a little stronger, and can last a little longer than last month. That is why recording your workout sessions is so important! So you can see this long term improvement. Without those records it is difficult tell if your training program is working.

Application: keep up with your goal of 150 recorded minutes of activity every week! Challenge yourself just a little bit more this week. Remember we are just accumulating minutes right now start easy and keep your workouts to something you can accomplish and feel good doing!

Stay active,


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