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Easy formula for everyday meals.

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Meat + Veggies = easy meal

Yep, that's it. That's my secret formula sauce. Totally unglamorous. Totally tasty.

Granted adding spices and vinegar helps.

This grand formula was discovered when I was working 2 jobs and going to school at the same time. Often I found my self arriving home exhausted and hungry. After trying a bunch of things I found the secret sauce to fill me up fast. A can of chicken, two handfuls of frozen veggies, heated up in a cast iron skillet and topped with garlic and black pepper. With a glass of milk.

As I later studied nutrition I learned why this was such an effective meal. Protein and veggies are the backbone of a good meal. Add in a little bit of fat and some carbs and the meal is superb. Vinegar and spices add flavor. For variety use different veggies and meats.

This is now my go to way to prepare a meal, no matter what is in the house.

Step 1 ) Find a meat

Step 2 ) Find a veggie that goes well with that meat

Step 3 ) Start the meat and veggies cooking (stove, oven, instant pot, or whatever you have)

Step 4 ) Add seasonings to the meat and veggies (garlic, pepper, thyme, or something else)

Step 5 ) Find a carb and a fat to go with it (or just add to the meat and veggies)

Step 6 ) Optional splash of vinegar on the veggies

Step 7 ) A side of fresh fruit for a morning or noon meal to round out the meal

And that my friends, is how I put together most of my meals.

Happy eating!

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