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Does the type of workout matter?

Hello all, this post will be exploring the different kinds of workouts. There are many different ways to workout. One person might think a workout is going for a bike ride. Another person might run on the treadmill. A third person might think that lifting weights counts. Are all three of these people correct? Does it even matter what kind of activity you do?

Yes and yes! Accumulating 150 minutes of physical activity every week for 6 weeks is a great foundational goal for anyone looking to start working out. In this case all modalities of exercise count! So for the first 6 weeks of your training regimen don't worry so much about the type of workout you are doing just focus on accumulating the minutes and recording your sessions.

However, even when your goal is just to complete and record 150 minutes of exercise per week. Know that the different types of workouts will be training different systems in your body. Every workout should have a purpose and each exercise should be done with a goal in mind if you want to maximize your training. For now know that there are two main systems in the body that you train during a workout. The muscular system and the cardio system. Workouts that leave you breathless with a high heart rate are training the heart and lungs. A workout that leaves you with a sore body is working the muscles. A neat thing about training is that these two systems work together. A well trained muscular system will help your cardio system during cardio workouts. And a good cardio system will help your muscular system during a workout too.

Stay active and enjoy movement,


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